Featured Seller :: Orglamix

Each week, I hope to feature a lovely Etsy seller on my blog. First up is Cheri from Orglamix.

Featured Seller :: Orglamix 001

After the birth of her first daughter in 2004, Cheri’s skin (and with it, her self-esteem) freaked out: blotchy, sensitive, and acne-ridden. Regular makeup just made it worse, so she began to research ingredients and stumbled upon mineral makeup. She began seeing results and decided she could create a product without fillers, preservatives and other potential irritants.

Featured Seller :: Orglamix 002

Cheri couldn’t believe that there was no gorgeous, vibrant, healthy yet affordable range available. That week she mixed her first batch of foundation, called it Orglamix (organic glam) and has been selling it ever since. From there she continued on to make blush and eye shadow as well.

Featured Seller :: Orglamix 003

Cheri has a range of tutorials available in her shop but.... wait for it.... she is currently working on some video tutorials which are sure to be amazing.


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